Managerial Personal Style I Personality Test

Price: $35

Selecting the right candidates for managerial positions can be challenging. They not only have to possess the skills and traits necessary to manage and motivate employees to fulfill company targets, but they also have to have the personality that corresponds and, moreover, represents the company culture in order to lead by example. The Managerial Personal Style I Personality Test can help identify the candidate who possesses this necessary formula of managerial style and personality and will lead the company into success.

The assessment will recognize candidates able to learn and adapt quickly, process a large load of information, make important and difficult decisions efficiently, and offer valuable insights into solving new and complex issues. Moreover, the assessment will also identify candidates with abilities essential for leadership roles, like efficient decision-making, work delegation, motivating employees, or focus on productivity and hard work.

NOTE: This assessment is a shorter and cheaper version of the Managerial Personal Style Assessment II Test as it does not include the section for completing open-ended sentences.

The assessment consists of two parts - untimed personality inventory with 167 questions and a 44-item mental ability test (divided into verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, and abstract reasoning). It takes approximately 75 minutes to complete.

Managerial Personal Style I Assessment Report offers a graphical display of scores in areas related to managerial positions, aptitude results and their explanation, strengths and developmental concerns of the test taker, and suggested interview questions.

Last Updated on October 18, 2020