Understanding the behavior and retaining workforce is the driving concern of businesses today. As part of that business process, employers use skills tests and behavioral assessments to ascertain the ability of the applicant and the likelihood of his or her success in both the organization and the position itself. While testing for hard skills is important, most job failure is directly traced to inappropriate behaviors, attitudes, competencies, and personality.

Behavioral patterns, attitudes, personalities, competencies, sociability and a host of individual psychometric parameters define the tangible personality and abilities of the job-seeker and his ability to integrate and contribute efficiently in a team especially under ambiguous and stress situations. Test Center in consonance with a team of eminent psycho-analysts, have developed tests that profile the candidate and provide a snap shot of his innate qualities as well as his psyche. This form of detailed testing and analysis helps to identify inappropriate behaviors, attitudes, competencies and personality.

Why do Employers use Personality Tests?

Studies have shown that modern personality testing is one of the most valid predictors of future job performance. The benchmarks of effective personality tests are:

  • Objectivity - good personality tests are standardized on a large sample and provide normative data across a wide range of demographics and age cohorts.
  • Validity - psychometric tests are a more valid method of assessment than interviews, academic achievement and reference checks, and when utilized in the correct combination (for example in an assessment center), are highly predictive of future job performance.
  • Cost - the cost of selecting the wrong employer can be high. Psychometric tests can help minimize cost while ensuring that there is a strong fit between the candidate and the job.

Test Center's Personality Assessment tests are developed by a team of psychologists, who bring in decades of collective experience in industrial psychological assessment in various organizations. The convergence of their research and the validation of distinct factors have led to the formation of a robust, logical, effective and accurate assessment system.

We offer more than 120 industry, domain & level specific personality tests. For details, please download our Personality Test Catalog or visit the links below:

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