Field Sales I Personality Test

Price: $35

Hiring the right salespeople is critical for any business, as they are the ones bringing in money. They have to be competitive, driven, confident, persuasive and with great communication skills to develop and maintain successful relationships with customers. And they also have to be motivated to work and earn money. This is especially true for salespeople working in the field, as they do not have the luxury of sitting in a warm office all day but have to get out and pursue customers in terrain.

But how to hire the perfect sales rep every time? We offer two assessments to nail the recruitment and select the perfect new talent. Field Sales I Personality Test includes personality and aptitude questions, while the Field Sales II includes additional open-ended questions requiring short narrative responses.

The assessment consists of two sections - a 125-question personality inventory, and a 44 mental ability test (comprised of questions on verbal, numerical, and abstract reasoning). The test is untimed but usually takes approximately 90 minutes to complete.

The report will provide you with a graphic representation of scores in covered areas, aptitude results with their explanation, candidates' strengths and developmental concerns, and interview question suggestions.

Last Updated on October 21, 2020