Executive/ Senior Manager II Personality Test

Price: $45

Finding the right leadership talent is essential for the proper and efficient functioning of every company. Leaders are the ones who motivate employees to reach and exceed the targets necessary for company success, build cooperative and competent teams that can move the business forward, but they are also the ones who have to make difficult management decisions and present unfavorable resolutions. The combination of these qualities is often hard to find and this personality test offers the perfect solution. It can help identify the candidates with the right personality traits and abilities to become a strong, respectable, and efficient senior manager that will move the company and its employees forward.

Executive/ Senior Manager II Personality Test consists of two parts - untimed personality test (162 questions) and 46 open-ended statements requiring short narrative answers. It takes approximately 90 minutes to complete.

The Executive/ Senior Manager II Assessment Report will give you a graphic representation of scores, aptitude results and their explanation, inventory of strengths as well as developmental concerns, the narrative responses to the open-ended statements with instructions on how to approach them, and question suggestions for the interview.

NOTE: Executive Senior Manager II assessment does not include a mental ability test. If you prefer a longer version of the assessment that contains a mental ability component, please choose the Executive/ Senior Manager I test instead.

Last Updated on October 19, 2020