Trainer for Industrial Settings Personality Test

Price: $45

A trainer for industrial settings needs to be not only intelligent and sharp to understand complex technical and mechanical topics but also have the communication skills to be able to explain and interpret these complex concepts to other people, as well as possess interpersonal skills to handle trainees from all kinds of backgrounds. Finding candidates who tick all these boxes is not easy, so our pre-employment assessment is here to help. It will help you in recognizing talents who are smart, dependable, social, empathetic, and take pride in following company rules and fulfilling their obligations to the best of their abilities.

The assessment is comprised of five sections:

  • a 20-minute mechanical reasoning test (evaluating the ability to understand mechanical and technical principles from an industrial setting and ability to explain these principles to others),
  • a 15-minute math test with problems typical for the industrial environment (8th grade level of competency),
  • a 5-minute 3-D reasoning test (to evaluate candidates' ability to visualize how parts fit together inside a whole object or machine as they will be showing how to disassemble and reassemble mechanical equipment during the training process),
  • a 44-item general mental ability test (for verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, and abstract reasoning) &
  • a 143-item personality inventory.

The whole assessment takes approximately 2 hours to complete - 40 minutes for the timed part of the test, 1+ hour for untimed personality, and aptitude tests.

The assessment report will provide you with a graphic representation of scores in covered areas, aptitude results and their explanation, candidate's strengths, and developmental concerns, and suggestions for interview questions.

Last Updated on October 20, 2020