Stock Clerk/ Warehouse Worker Personality Test

Price: $30

Every employee is important for the proper business flow of any company, not only the higher-ups, so warehouse workers should be recruited with the same care as anyone else. This pre-employment assessment will help you identify workers who are diligent, thorough, cautious, orderly, eager to work hard, and able to fulfill their obligations. They will also have the mental ability to handle their tasks and fit personality-wise to your company culture.

The assessment has four sections - a math test (focused on adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing operations of whole numbers and decimals; untimed), a 16-minute reading comprehension test (text related to industrial setting), a 4-minute stock-picking test, and an 84-item personality inventory (untimed).

The report will provide you with a graphic representation of scores in areas related to the position, strengths, and weaknesses of candidates, and suggestions for interview questions.

Last Updated on October 25, 2020