STAY Inventory Personality Test

Price: $15

High personnel turnover is a serious and very costly issue a lot of employers face. A big contributing factor to high turnover, especially in the first year of employment, is making the wrong decision during the hiring and recruiting someone with personality traits that do not correspond with company culture and stance on work ethic. A lot of hiring managers probably wish to have the ability to foresee the future for situations like this. Even though we cannot give anyone superpowers, we do offer a testing tool that can identify candidates that are most likely to leave during their first year of employment.

The STAY Inventory is a unique and innovative tool and valuable addition to the hiring process of any company that aims to improve retention. It focuses on an individual’s traits and characteristics that might contribute to quitting within the first year. These are, for instance, factors like casual attitude toward work, poor motivation, uncooperativeness, susceptibility to stress, lack of concern for company rules, resistance to supervision, being easily annoyed, and lack of respect for a steady job. Incorporating the STAY Inventory can supplement other measures that are already in place in your company to address turnover.

This untimed assessment consists of a 69-question personality inventory and will take the candidates approximately 10 minutes to complete.

STAY Inventory Assessment Report will provide you with a graphic representation of scores for each dimension assessed in the inventory, overall STAY Potential score (Low, Moderate, High) to help you assess candidate's potential for STAYing at your company, and suggestions for interview questions related to concerns based on the candidate's responses.

Last Updated on October 19, 2020