Retail Store Non-Commission Sales Personality Test

Price: $23

The turnover rate of salespeople in retail stores is among the highest and constantly having to recruit new talent gets frustrating. Our pre-employment Retail Store Sales Assessment can put an end to this cycle and help you find the new talent motivated and capable enough to succeed in this role long-term. The test recognizes candidates with sales skills, persuasiveness, and communication and interpersonal skills needed for excellent customer experience. It identifies those with a positive attitude, determination, patience for dealing with difficult customers, and eagerness to go above and beyond for customers and as a result, bring in new business.

We offer two Retail Store Sales Personality Assessments - for commission-based and non-commission-based retail sales positions.

The assessment has two sections - a cashier math test for basic arithmetic skills and simple math transactions typical for retail and a 96-question personality assessment. It usually takes about 1 hour to complete.

The report for non-commission-based retail positions will provide you with a graphic representation of scores in areas related to the position, interpretation of the results of the math test, and suggested interview questions.

Last Updated on October 21, 2020