Restaurant Manager Personality Test

Price: $35

The restaurant business is exciting and demanding at the same time, so it is no surprise that a great restaurant manager must display certain high-level skills and qualities to be able to handle the responsibility. Our pre-employment personality assessment designed specifically for restaurant managers will determine the levels of your candidates' leadership skills needed to stay on top of the work responsibilities in such hectic business, delegate tasks and motivate employees to give their all to their jobs, and organize the functioning of the restaurant to ensure everything goes smoothly. It will also identify candidates that understand the importance of customers and will do everything in their power to give them the best customer experience.

The assessment is untimed and takes usually around 90 minutes to complete. It consists of two sections - a 93-question online personality test, and a 44-item general mental ability test (divided into verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, and abstract reasoning parts).

The Restaurant Manager Assessment Report will give you a graphic display of scores in related areas, aptitude results and their explanation, candidate's strengths and developmental concerns, and suggested interview questions.

Last Updated on October 22, 2020