Personal Style II Personality Test

Price: $35

Personal Style Assessment II is a comprehensive pre-employment test developed to recognize candidates with the ability to learn quickly, process a lot of information at the same time, and make quick and informed decisions. This is a general assessment of basic personality and aptitude traits and qualities that are vital for any career role.

The Personal Style Assessment II is one of our standard comprehensive tests that is intended for hiring managers or other people in roles responsible for recruiting new talent.

The assessment is untimed (it usually takes approximately 2 hours to complete) and consists of three sections – 167-question personality inventory, a 44-item mental ability test (divided into verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, and abstract reasoning), and 35 open-ended statements to which the candidate must provide short narrative responses.

Personal Style II Assessment Report will provide a graphic representation of the score for each examined dimension, a comprehensive explanation of the results with a narrative interpretation of strengths, weaknesses, best/ worst job fit, as well as suggestions for personal development.

Last Updated on October 29, 2020