Installer/ Setup Specialist Personality Test

Price: $45

A great installer/ setup specialist is someone who is sharp and intelligent to be able to understand and perform complicated technical and mechanical tasks, dependable, able to communicate and instruct about technical topics in an understandable way, and has a friendly and positive attitude. Our personality test assesses all of these necessary skills and qualities to help you select the best candidate for your open position.

The assessment consists of:

  • an untimed 84-question personality test,
  • a 20-minute general abstract reasoning test with pattern series (evaluates the ability to learn and handle complex information quickly),
  • a 15-minute math test with problems typical for the industrial environment (8th grade level of competency),
  • a 20-minute mechanical reasoning test (to evaluate candidates' understanding of everyday mechanical and physical principles),
  • a 16-minute reading comprehension test with scenarios typical for the industrial environment (8th-grade competency level) &
  • a 5-minute 3-D reasoning test (to evaluate candidates' ability to visualize how parts fit together inside a whole object or machine).

It usually takes approximately 90 minutes to complete the assessment.

The assessment report will provide you with a graphic representation of scores in covered areas, aptitude results and their explanation, candidate's strengths, and developmental concerns, and suggestions for interview questions.

Last Updated on October 22, 2020