Executive Administrative Assistant Personality Test

Price: $50

Every successful business executive knows that their time needs to be spent on the big picture and company vision to move forward. That, however, means there is no time left for everyday admin tasks and other necessary details keeping the company running smoothly. That is also the reason why every successful executive has a talented hard-working executive assistant responsible for these tasks.

The perfect executive assistant is confident and driven to go above and beyond expectations. They are so organized and acquainted with company vision and goals, that they foresee the needs of people in the workplace and fulfill them before they are even verbalized. They are a fast and efficient asset that allows the leadership to move forward.

Finding someone with such qualities might seem impossible. But it is not, and our online pre-employment Executive Administrative Assistant Personality Test is here to help you hire the perfect candidate.

The assessment consists of four sections - a grammar and spelling test, a 7-minute clerical speed and accuracy test, a 146-question personality inventory, and a 44-item mental ability test covering verbal, numerical, and abstract reasoning.

Apart from the clerical speed and accuracy test, the assessment is untimed and usually takes candidates approximately 2 hours to complete.

The Executive Administrative Assistant Assessment Report provides you with a graphic representation of scores in areas related to the position, aptitude results and their explanation, candidate's strengths and developmental concerns, and suggested interview questions.

Last Updated on October 12, 2020