Entrepreneur Potential Personality Test

Price: $35

Successfully starting your own business from scratch is a long, sinuous, and often rocky journey that includes coming up with ideas, putting together a business plan, finding and taking on investors, advertising and selling your product on your own, dealing with customers, and many other responsibilities from all corners of the business cycle. Moreover, there is the uncertainty of the ever-changing world of business and no steady income every month. Many entrepreneurs fail, but those who succeed can pride themselves in having built enterprises where they are their own boss. Would you like to know if you have what it takes to be a successful business owner? Our Entrepreneur Potential Personality Test will give you insight into whether this would be the right path for you.

This assessment consists of 88 questions and is untimed, although usually takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Entrepreneur Potential Assessment Report will give you a graphic representation of your scores in 12 dimensions that have shown to be predictors of success in entrepreneurship. The report will also provide you with an interpretation of these scores for better understanding and with a list of strengths and developmental concerns related to success in an entrepreneurial role. It will also give you summary scores for "Predicted Satisfaction" and "Predicted Success" in such a role. The internet-based testing allows you to complete the assessment at any time to make it as convenient to you as possible. The results report can be downloaded upon completion of the assessment.

Last Updated on October 26, 2020