Buyer/ Purchasing Agents Personality Test

Price: $35

Having a great buyer can save companies a lot of money. Being able to work with detailed figures, find the best deals, create relationships with vendors to guarantee the best prices, and is determined to always get the best deal are skills and qualities you need to look for when finding your new buyer. But how to find them without ever seeing the candidates "in action"? Use the Buyer/ Purchasing Agents Personality Test! It will give you answers to all your questions about candidates' personalities and abilities and help you select the one who will make wonders for your company.

The assessment consists of two sections - a 149-question personality test and a 44-item mental ability test. The whole assessment is untimed but usually takes approximately 75 minutes to complete.

The assessment report will give you a graphic representation of scores in areas related to the position, aptitude results, and their explanation, candidate's strengths, and developmental concerns, and suggestions for interview questions.

Last Updated on October 21, 2020