Banking Services Representative Personality Test

Price: $35

Being a bank teller is a prestigious role in which different qualities are combined - they have to be good with numbers, able to work with people, and their sensitive data and they also must be skilled in sales in order to cross-sell your financial products and increase revenue. Not every candidate is capable of handling all of these responsibilities making the work of people responsible for hiring new bank teller talent challenging. But it does not have to be! Our pre-employment personality and aptitude assessment can help you hire the right candidate every time. It assesses candidates' personality fit for working with clients, sales abilities, work ethic, and math skills to give you all the needed information for making the right hiring decision.

The assessment consists of three sections - a 7-minute test for clerical speed and accuracy, a teller math test (10 multiple choice questions for adding and subtracting, 10 multiple choice word problems for skills with percentages), and a 101-question personality test. Except for the test on clerical speed and accuracy, the assessment is untimed and takes most candidates around 75 minutes to complete.

The assessment report will provide you with a graphic representation of scores in covered areas and overall recommendation based on the results of the assessment.

Last Updated on October 19, 2020