Administrative Assistant/ Clerical Personality Test

Price: $35

A great administrative assistant can really do a lot for a company. Whether they assist the entire firm, or they are appointed to a particular manager, they have to possess qualities that allow them to fulfill their duties and aid the smooth everyday operation of the company. Our test will help you recognize candidates who are capable and ready to succeed in a wide array of responsibilities ranging from answering phone calls and receiving visitors, filing and organizing documents to preparing complicated reports and presentations, and communicating with colleagues on all levels. The assessment is suitable for the recruitment of administrative assistants and associates with administrative duties in different fields.

The assessment consists of three sections - grammar and spelling test (25 sentences, multiple choice answers), 80 multiple choice questions as a part of a filing test, a 127-item personality assessment. The test is untimed and usually takes around 90 minutes to complete.

The assessment report will provide you with a graphic representation of score in covered areas, aptitude results and their explanation, strengths and developmental concerns of the candidate, and interview question suggestions.

Last Updated on October 28, 2020